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Well trained drivers on duty

Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny the last Battlestar leads a rag tag fugitive fleet onelites hats lonely quest praesentium voluptatum Read more

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Email Template Variables

You can add OR remove these variables from your email templates. Template Name : booking-success Variables: {BLOG_TITLE} {DATE} {INVOICE} {FROM} Read more

Option to proceed booking from a vehicle to reduce booking steps

This is the Great option for a owner to show case the vehicles and customer can selected the desired vehicle Read more

Different Time Formats

Option to choose time display format (Standard – 12 Hrs Format OR Military – 24 Hrs Format)

Short Code for Booking Type

Option to land in particular booking type (By using $_GET[‘booking_type’] variable)    

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Email Template Variables

July 11, 2018

Different Time Formats

June 11, 2018