Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking Roundtrip

  • June 16, 2018

Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking Roundtrip enabled to offer Outstation Round Trip vehicle services for your customers where a traveler starts and ends his vehicle trip in the same city where he/she started from.

This is useful to those who are looking forward to a nice Weekend or doing official travel, whether there is a family function or planning an Adventurous Trip with family/friends.


  • Separate fare settings for roundtrip
  • Support driver late night charges if it is more than a day
  • Admin can choose late night timings as their wish


  1. Visit the “Vehicles -> Add New” it will display a page to enter vehicle details. There you will find “Round-Trip Settings” tab
  2. Enter your prices like┬áBasic Distance, Basic Price,┬áPrice per Standard Unit Distance. Optionally enter “Driver Night Charges” if any and choose “Driver Charges Timings”
  3. Thats it, then start booking front end

Other info:

  1. Visit support for support requests
  2. Documentation
  3. FAQs
  4. Demo

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