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The Theme and App working together. All Bookings Notified to Customer and Driver by Notifications, Email, and SMS, but if any books on the web right now the driver can see in his dashboard/bookings.

Yes, you can search your locations with postcodes

For SMS you need to install the WP-SMS plugin(https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-sms/).In this plugin they provided some Default SMS Gateways you can choose any one of them.

Yes, You can make that language as Default.

Admin can translate strings using WPML

Note: WPML is paid plugin you need to buy from their website (https://wpml.org/)

In Order to dispatch a job to the driver, admin should give permission then only he can have access.


Yes, You can enable this feature from Admin Panel .you can add a number of persons in Booking and Fare Calculated based on persons


Yes, You can add your Pre-defined Prices for Specific Destinations.

Yes, You can delete/add any blocks, build on Visual Composer, you’re free to change.

Yes, Its have All features what we mentioned in Demo Version. You no need to purchase any other modules/extensions to run this Theme.

Yes, all mentioned features available and updates are free for buyers

Yes, you can Disable it from Admin Panel

Yes, you can change it from Admin panel. Choose your Location from Pickup Country.


This application works based on distance. While Creating the vehicles we give Basic Distance(‘40 the 2 first KM then 30 €/h) and Basic Price. Once user Crossed the basic distance it will calculate Standard Price.


Yes, it is available  in Admin Panel


Yes, We offered Free Installation

For Translating the Site we need to install the WPML Plugin (https://wpml.org/). Using this plugin we can Translate the Site.


Yes, All Booking Available in Admin under Manage Bookings

Follow path: Vehicles→ Settings→ Manage bookings

Yes, you can restrict the Pickup Locations by Adding the Pickup Region and Drop-off Region.

Follow Path: Vehicles→ Settings→ General

Yes, Driver gets Notifications. For All SMS and Email Notification Settings Available in Admin.

Follow Path: Vehicles→ Settings→ Email and SMS Settings


Yes, Google distance-based rates for any country and You can add your Pre-Defined Charges also.


Yes, We have integrated which is available in Payment Gateways under Settings.

Follow Path: Vehicles→Settings→ Payment Gateways

Yes, Its Supports Stripe for this you need to Download the Plugin from Manage Extensions and Install the Plugin. After Successfully Installation it’s available in Payment Gateways under Settings.

Follow Path: Vehicles → Manage Extensions

Payment Gateways:
Follow path: Vehicles→ Settings→ Payment Gateways


First, go to the Plugins area in the WordPress admin, and on that page click the Add New button. And choose your plugin from your local system.

Clicking the Install Now button will show some information about the download and installation process, and then offer a link to Activate Plugin. Click Activate Plugin.

You can download the new plug in’s from Manage Extensions
Follow it: Vehicles -> Manage Extensions

It’s Working on the current day but future time. For this, You need to change the Advance booking minimum/Advance booking Maximum fields in Settings.
Follow It: Settings->General.

You can Remove it from Optional Fields, is located in Settings.
Follow it: Settings->optional Fields.

you can change go to settings and Click on Currency, Here you can change the Currency.
Follow It: Settings->Currency->Currency Type

For this, you need to enable in the admin section and the phone number is available for the customer to enter in the front end,
Follow it: Settings->Optional Fields->Phone Number

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